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Meet Dr. Jackson

Meet Dr. Jackson

Dr. Megan Jackson loves to chat with her patients and make sure they have a good time at her practice, but when it comes to her role as a children’s dentist in Lexington, she takes her work very seriously. Dr. Jackson does everything that she can to give her patients the healthy teeth that she feels every patient deserves and can achieve. In order to deliver the highest quality care, she stays up-to-date on new advances in pediatric dentistry and is constantly honing her craft. She wants to be the children’s dentist you can trust with your child’s precious smile.

Megan Jackson, DMD

Megan Jackson, DMD

The children’s dentist you can count on in Lexington, KY.

Star Kids Dentistry is a shining example of what a children’s dentist office should be for a multitude of reasons, but the number one reason patients and caregivers love to visit is because of the dental team. Dr. Megan Jackson has created a welcoming atmosphere for both her staff and her patients and accompanying caregivers by wearing her compassion and commitment to dental care on her sleeve. Delivering exceptional care goes far beyond simply caring for and treating teeth. Dr. Jackson takes time to walk through first visits, X-rays, and procedures with her patients to give them an opportunity to ask questions and know what to expect. She also brings her best to dentistry by being a fountain of knowledge and information to caregivers.

As she puts it, “I want the parents of the patients I see to feel confident in my knowledge of pediatric dentistry and my ability to care for their child. I want them to know that I truly do care about the health and well-being of their child and that I will always have their best interest in mind.”

Dr. Jackson opened her practice in Lexington, KY because she cares about her community and believes that the best way she can serve it is by caring for its children’s teeth.

“I love caring for children and helping them have a better life. Many children suffer daily with dental disease and the pain that can cause. I feel like I am truly making a difference in the lives of the children I care for,” says Dr. Jackson.

When Dr. Jackson isn’t giving her time and talents to her practice, she enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, gaming, and listening to music.


  • Completed advanced education in pediatric dentistry in Phoenix, AZ
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry
  • Bachelor of Science degree from Western Kentucky University


  • AAPD
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